More than 1000 Mobotix Live cameras

We built this application to show you the outstanding quality of the LIVE Mobotix cameras worldwide.

  • Mobotix cameras worldwide: The LIVE Mobotix cameras in this application are permanently updated with the ones that are available for public access in Internet.
  • Streaming: The app shows you the live streaming from our server No matter how many viewers watch the same camera simultaneously, our server connects only one stream to the camera to minimize the camera's network traffic.
  • Worldwide localization: Available in all major languages. The application's language is automatically set to the one of your iPhone/iPod-touch/iPad. If your device‚Äôs language is not available, the selected language is English.
  • Cameras: Shows you a list of the first 10 cameras according to your selection. Press the button at the bottom of the list of to show more cameras.
  • Top 10 cameras: Shows you the most popular 10 cameras in our list.
  • Filters: Filter the list by Country, Domain or Camera Model, or all together combined.
  • Favorites: Your favorite list of cameras.
  • Live view: Allows you to see live images from the selected camera and details.
  • Share: You can share a live snapshot of your selected camera in the Photo album, on Facebook or by E-mail
  • Favorite: You can add/remove any camera in your favorite list for quick access.
  • Full screen: You can rotate the device for full screen view.
  • Zoom: In full screen mode you can zoom and pan. Double click sets 2X zoom or resets the zoom.
  • Send feedback: We added many features while focused to keep it simple. We want to know your feedback.
  • Suggest new cameras: If you know or have a public available Mobotix camera that is not yet in our list please send us the camera's address and we will add it immediately.
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