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    Suport tehnic (9-17)
    021 320 47 07

    Str. Ing. V. Cristescu nr. 17, et. 1 sector 2,
    021984 Bucuresti

    Tel: (021) 320 47 07
    Mobil: 0749 05 44 44
    Fax: (021) 302 89 03


    The Premium Mobile Solution
    Your tablet and smartphone as a mobile remote station: With the combination of the Hemispheric IP Video Door Station and the MOBOTIX App, we offer a unique system, which guarantees considerable advantages thanks to its allround view with no blind spots and global connectivity. Your mobile device will prompt you if visitors ring your doorbell, allowing you to see the visitors live and to talk to them. You can also open the door remotely with a tap. Besides seeing recorded events (e.g. someone pressed the doorbell), you can also check the mailbox messages recorded by visitors. To improve your security even further during the night or when you are away, the system can send an alarm message to the App as soon as the door is opened.

    You can download it from here or search in App Store for "MOBOTIX App"

    Mobile remote station for MOBOTIX cameras and door stations
    All MOBOTIX cameras with a firmware of or higher can be integrated into the App without costly additional devices.

    Bandwidth-optimized remote access via WLAN (Wi-Fi) or Internet
    Camera data is transmitted to the App in accordance with the available bandwidth of the network.

    Live images and recordings in the best MOBOTIX HiRes quality
    MOBOTIX stands for excellent image quality that can be used intelligently with the App.

    Two-way communication, door opening and video mailbox access
    The multifunctional MOBOTIX App offers many more options than simple standard viewers.

    Doorbell and alarm notifications, protection of privacy
    You are always well informed wherever you are and can protect your cameras quickly and reliably against unauthorized access.

    Convenient search functions, playback of external MxPEG videos
    Specific events can be found quickly even in continuous recordings thanks to time-lapse.

    Grouping of cameras and filtering of events
    The App offers practical tools that allow you to control even a large number of connected cameras.



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